H2Pro Hydrate 1500 (Single Tube)

H2Pro Hydrate 1500 (SingleTube)


This is packed full of electrolytes and is designed for athletes with high sweat sodium losses to use when competing, or for athletes with average sodium losses under more extreme conditions.

Ingredients: Citric Acid; Sodium Carbonate; Potassium Carbonate; Sodium Chloride; Trimagnesium citrate anhydrous; Calcium carbonate; Maltodextrine; Flavours; Sweeteners; Sucrose and Sorbitol.

Electrolyte content (per 1l / 32oz – when mixed as directed):  Sodium: 1500mg  Potassium: 600mg  Calcium: 200mg  Magnesium: 100mg

Nutritional info: Energy: 9.4 Kcal / 40.8 Kj per tablet (1.9 Kcal / 8.2 Kj per 100ml*)   Protein: 0g  Fats: 0g  Carbohydrates: 0.17g per tablet (0.3g per 100ml*)

*after dilution of 1 tablet per 500ml of water

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet
Store out of the reach of young children
H2Pro Hydrate is a food supplement

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