H2Pro Hydrate 250 (Single Tube)

H2Pro Hydrate 250 (Single Tube)


We recommend this as a background hydrator to all athletes and as a training solution for athletes with low sweat sodium losses. It’s also great for fighting dehydration when traveling.

Ingredients: Dextrose anhydrous; Citric Acid; Sodium Hydrogencarbonate; Potassium Hydrogencarbonate; Flavours; Maltodextrin; Sweeteners; Sucrose and Sorbitol; Calcium carbonate; Magnesium carbonate.

Electrolyte content (per 1l / 32oz – when mixed as directed):  Sodium: 250mg   Potassium: 250mg  Calcium: 6mg  Magnesium: 12mg

Nutritional info: Energy: 11.4 Kcal / 48.6 Kj per tablet (2.3 Kcal / 9.72 Kj per 100ml*)  Protein: 0g  Fats: 0g   Carbohydrates: 1.92g per tablet (0.4g per 100ml*)  Dextrose: 1800mg per tablet (360 per 100ml*)

*after dilution of 1 tablet per 500ml of water

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet
Store out of the reach of young children
H2Pro Hydrate is a food supplement

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